Become A Data Scientist!

In this rapidly progressive day and age, it is all about data. Having sufficient data is not enough, what matters is how you analyze it to gain valuable knowledge. That is where the role of a data scientist comes in, extracting insights that help businesses identify hidden patterns and optimizing operations to understand their customers’ needs on a much deeper and enhanced level.

An integral aspect of data science is machine learning, which is the process of creating efficient systems that can learn from the available data and predict future trends through algorithms. By incorporating human intelligence into machines and empowering them to learn and solve problems, we can enjoy more seamless and productive lives.

Data scientists are among the most sought-after talents in the 21st century. Now is your chance to become one through our intensive courses at the Garonz Data Science Academy.

Course Outlines

Introduction to Data Science and AI
This course aims to introduce high school and college students to data science and artificial intelligence and kindle their passion for these growing and exciting fields.
Data Engineering and Big Data
This course focuses on the big question, which is how to acquire data. It gives participants a comprehensive overview of vital topics such as data access and integration. It also helps them utilize big data software programs, such as Hadoop, Hive and Spark, in addition to cloud computing tools the likes of Azure Machine Learning and Amazon Web Services.
Advanced Data Science
It is recommended to take this course after the first data science course, as it offers a more in-depth study and analysis into advanced topics, such as data analytics, machine learning and data visualization.
Deep Learning Foundations and Application
Introducing participants to one of the fastest growing and most thriving fields nowadays, this course focuses on deep learning, what it is, how it builds on machine learning and its diverse applications in our everyday lives.
Data Consulting and Practical Applications of Data Science
This course goes beyond the theoretical aspect of data science and focuses on its practical applications in research and the various businesses and industries. It introduces participants to real-life case studies that help them understand the essence and uses of data science.
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling for Life Science Research
Specifically tailored to graduates from schools of medicine, pharmacy or any other branch of basic sciences, this course offers participants an introduction to computational sciences. This equips them with the needed skills to examine and extract information from pre-existing databases to understand biological systems.